Stream. Meet. Play.
Live Streaming
Stream directly to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube
Break-out Chat
Don't make your players leave to talk
Bring in more power gamers from the Arcade
Embedded Forum
Crowd source a community full of content
Don't just be famous, make new friends.
Let viewers join into the game while you stream, taking social play to a whole new level.
Live Action
Stream directly from your mobile device, so you can show off your gameplay live. Anywhere, anytime.
Entice your friends to start playing by showing off on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. You'll have the best 'clan' in the game.
Streaming was HARD, but Arcade makes it EASY
No Integration Required
Arcade streams any game on Android and any ReplayKit capable game on iOS.
Fully Social
Viewers can interact directly from Facebook, YouTube, Twitch.
Crowd Source
Omlet can identify and expand your base of streamers through special Facebook ad campaigns.
Play together, stay together.
Powerful channels
Public chats, location chats, clan chats, you get them all. Meet new friends, ask for help, show off your skills.
Group chat
Make your own groups and invite. Keep plotting with your team outside the game... on the web and on the go.
Real-time voice
Coordinate with your clan during battle, or just chatter away while your playing. Don't lose to typing distraction ever again.
Arcade SDK integration is fast, get results immediately.
Don't have ReplayKit yet? Don't bother with it, Arcade SDK provides all the UI and more streaming destinations.
Streaming supports Android 4.3+. Gradle and Eclipse packaging.
Drop-in integration for new versions of Unity.
Export multiplayer session data to invite players to join the game from the stream. They'll download your game to do it.
Deep Engagement
Gamers who are connected with their friends in game just keep coming back. Keeping in touch while playing keeps the energy going.
Track streaming and social effectiveness. Add LTV data to understand how social impacts your bottom-line.